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Is Cheaper Always Better? Misusing the Concept of Marginal Cost in Policy Discussions, CLI White Paper, July 24, 2008.

The Patent Prejudice: Intellectual Property as Monopoly, PFF Progress on Point 13.28. Oct. 2006.

Stepping on the Toes of Giants: What Not to Think About Copyright. PFF Progress Snapshot 3.6. May 2007.

Copy Protection and Games: Lessons for DRM Debates and Development. PFF Progress on Point 14.2. Feb. 2007.

First Generation Filtering: Milestones and Millstones. PFF Progress Snapshot 3.14. Nov. 2007.

The DMCA Dialectic: Toward Constructive Criticism. PFF Progress on Point 13.11. May 2006.

Copyright vs. Contract: Shrink Me, Wrap Me, Baby!. CEI C:SPIN, Nov. 26, 2002.

Why Copyright Does Not Conflict With Access Goals. CEI C:SPIN, March 3, 2003.

Solutions for Software Patents: Notes From Under My Desk, PFF Progress on Point 13.33. Dec. 13, 2006.

What's_Your_Regulatory_Policy?  TCS_Daily, June 18, 2008.

Copy Protection and Games: Lessons for DRM Debates and Development, PFF Progress on Point 14.2 (February 2007)

The Patent Prejudice: Intellectual Property As Monopoly, PFF Progress on Point 13.28 (October 2006).

"The DMCA Dialectic: Toward Constructive Criticism," PFF Progress on Point 13.11, May 11, 2006

Patents and Loser Pays: Why Not?, PFF Progress on Point 13.3 (Feb. 13, 2006)

“The Need for Financial Privacy,” published in An Opportunity for Iceland (Hannes H. Gissurarson and Tryggi Thor Herbertsson, eds.)(Reykjavik, Iceland: The University of Iceland Press 2001).

"Privacy Versus the First Amendment: A Skeptical Approach," XI FORDHAM INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY, MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT L. J. 98 (2000).

"Privacy and Human Rights: Comparing the United States to Europe," published in The Future of Financial Privacy (Washington, DC: Competitive Enterprise Institute 2000).

"Reviving A First Amendment Absolutism for the Internet," 3 TEXAS REVIEW OF LAW & POLITICS 191 (1999).

"Privacy as Censorship: A Skeptical View of Proposals to Regulate Privacy in the Private Sector," Cato Institute's Policy Analysis Series, No. 295, January 1998.

Singleton, Solveig, and Daniel T. Griswold, eds., Economic Casualties: How U.S. Foreign Policy Undermines Trade, Growth, and Liberty (Washington D.C.: Cato Institute, 1999)

Singleton, Solveig, and Tom W. Bell, Regulators' Revenge: The Future of Telecommunications Deregulation (Washington D.C., Cato Institute, 1998).

Resume | Publications | Presentations


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