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Edison Electric Institute Wall Street Dialogue, Houston, TX June 2007

Gridwise Department of Energy Forum November 2006

The Liberty Fund Intellectual Property Conference October 2006

NARUC Telecommunications Committee August 2006

Brazilian Intellectual Property Association, Sao Paulo, Brazil April 2006

ESEADE (Argentina) Intellectual Property Conference, B.A., Arg. April 2006

Indiana Legislature Joint Committee on regulatory reform October 2005

Heartland Institute, Chicago, IL September 2005, 2006

DACA Regulatory Framework Workshop June 2005

Federal Communications Bar Association Debate May 2005

Institute for Regulatory Law and Economics 2004-

DC-Maryland Public Utility Association April 2005 (keynote)

House Judiciary IP Subcommittee April 2005

Centre for New Europe. Brussels, Belgium February 2005

Istituto Bruno Leoni, Milan, Italy February 2005

NARUC Broadband Summit October 2004 (keynote)

United States Senate, Commerce Committee April 2004

Buckeye Institute for Policy Studies April 2004

University of Colorado Law School Silicon Flatirons Speaker Series February 2000-2005

New Mexico State University Center for Public Utilities March 2002-2004

Texas Public Policy Foundation Legislator Briefing January 2004

Catholic University/FCC Digital Migration Forum January 2004

Federalist Society National Lawyers Convention November 2003

Virginia Telecommunications Association October 2003

Pacific Research Institute Debate on Wireless Regulation September 2003

CoBank Energy Forum August 2003

Southeastern Association of Regulatory Commissioners June 2003

NARUC Broadband Conference March 2003

United States Senate, Energy Committee March 2003

Colorado Bar Association Annual Convention September 2001, September 2000

National Rural Electric Cooperative Association October 2002

Colorado Rural Electric Association Annual Meeting May 2000

Colorado Telecommunications Association Convention February 2000

Federal Communications Bar Association (Denver Chapter) January 200

Qwest Regional Oversight Committee October 2002

Progress and Freedom Foundation Aspen Summit August 2002, August 2001

Progress and Freedom Foundation Standard Market Design Conference October 2002

Federalist Society Broadband Conference July 2001

Federalist Society Colorado Chapter July 2000

Federalist Society San Francisco Lawyers Chapter May 2001

Competition Policy Institute May 2002, February 2001

Colorado Division of Administrative Hearings

Administrative Law Judge Ethics Seminar December 2002

CLE International Conference on Telecommunications Law December 2001, 2002

KMB Video journal Biannual May/October 2000-present

University of Colorado Graduate Telecommunications Program January 2003

University of Denver Graduate Telecommunications Program April 2000,

October 2000

Colorado Association of Corporate Counsel November 1999

CU-Denver CEO Forum May 2001

Americans for Balanced Energy Choices August 2002

Resume | Publications | Presentations


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